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Select () (jokingly referred to as Sane Indexing) is a primitive function that allows selecting multiple major cells using indices of the cells. It is equivalent to ⍨∘ and 0 , only providing a neater notation for such a fundamental concept. It was introduced in Extended Dyalog APL, and then adopted into dzaima/APL.

Common usage

Select is commonly used to reorder the major cells of an array. For example, the following shuffles any array into random order:

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      Shuffle 'abcdef'

Without Select, one would have to write Shuffle⊢⌷⍨∘⊂?⍨∘.

In a case where the left argument is a permutation vector for the right argument, the functionality can rightfully be called Permute.

Select especially cleans up expressions for reordering. An ascending sort can be represented as and "sort by" can be written as ⍨∘:

Try it online!

      'abcde' ⍨∘ 3 1 4 1 5
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