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Imaginary () is a monadic scalar function which multiplies the argument by the imaginary unit 0J1, usually denoted or in traditional mathematics. This can be seen as a mapping from a real number to a pure imaginary number (a complex number with the real part of 0). It was added to J as j. together with initial support for complex numbers, and was adopted in Extended Dyalog APL using the glyph as a monadic counterpart of Complex. In other APL implementations that support complex numbers, Circular with the left argument of ¯11 has the same functionality as Imaginary.


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       3 ¯4 6
0J3 0J¯4 0J6

Imaginary is equivalent to Complex with the default left argument of 0.

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      0  3 ¯4 6
0J3 0J¯4 0J6

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