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Atop () is a primitive dyadic operator which takes two function operands and produces a derived function which uses the left operand monadically to post-processes the result of the ambivalent right operand.


When the resulting function is used monadically, it has the same behaviour as if the Atop 2-train or any of the Beside or Over operators had been used:

  (g  h) 
g (h )

When the resulting function is used dyadically, the result is post-processed:

 (g  h) 
g  h )


      x3 1 2
      y4 6 5
      x - y ⍝ the negation of the max of x y
¯4 ¯6 ¯5
      ⍝ same as
¯4 ¯6 ¯5

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