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Case (%), or Merge, is a dyadic primitive function in Kap and dzaima/APL that forms an array by mixing elements taken from a vector of arrays according to an array of indices. It's closely related to the J adverb (monadic operator) Composite Item }, which differs in that the right argument is an array whose major cells are mixed together. It can also be considered a generalization of Mask, which chooses between two arguments based on a boolean mask and might be implemented as (A∧~M)∨(B∧M).

The following example shows how Case may be used to mix three vectors together:

      3 2 1 2 3 % 'abcde' 'ABCDE' '01234'
Works in: dzaima/APL

The right argument is a vector of arrays all of the same shape, and the left argument is a simple numeric array with the same shape as each element of the right argument as well as the result. The result value at a given position is taken from the same position in the i'th right argument array, where i is the index at that position in the left argument.


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