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I-Beam () is a primitive monadic operator that takes a numeric code as it's operand and derives an ambivalent function which provides a range of ad-hoc operations. This range covers non-primitive functions - for example: experimental features, interpreter-level control, access to the environment, and information about APL itself.


I-Beam was introduced in APL\360 by implementers to execute System/360 instructions from program control. The convenience of this lead to I-Beam becoming directly available to use by anyone.[1]


In general, I-Beam's numeric operand isn't intended to be easily recalled. But some are given meaningful names.

One method is to devise a name from the Roman numeral letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M[2]

I-Beam Numeral
Called Monadically CM (900)
Line Count LC (50100)


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