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Logo of the Array Cast.
Promotional banner with a background featuring APL code for generating an SVG image.

The Array Cast is an audio podcast about array programming languages, especially APL, J, K/Q, and BQN. Being an audio-only production, the focus is on giving high-level views and describing the experience of using such languages, rather than showing visual examples of code.


The podcast is hosted by Conor Hoekstra who is a research scientist at NVIDIA. Recurring panellists are Adám Brudzewsky, Richard Park, and Rodrigo Girão Serrão, of Dyalog Ltd., Stephen Taylor and Nick Psaris of Kx Systems, and J enthusiast Bob Therriault. After appearing multiple times, twice as a guest panellist, Marshall Lochbaum joined the regular panel with the 22 July 2022 episode. Various guests are invited to specific episodes.



Ep Date Panel Featured Guest Featured Languages Title
1 May 15 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Why We Like Array Languages
2 May 29 Park, Taylor, Therriault Loops and Learning about Array Languages
3 Jun 12 Brudzewsky, Psaris, Therriault What Challenges Face the Array Languages?
4 Jun 26 Brudzewsky, Psaris, Therriault What is an array?
5 Jul 10 Park, Psaris, Therriault Responding to a Listener’s Email
6 Jul 23 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Henry Rich J Henry Rich’s Deep Dive into J
7 Aug 7 Brudzewsky, Therriault Marshall Lochbaum APL, J, BQN Marshall Lochbaum and the BQN array language
8 Aug 21 Brudzewsky, Therriault Attila Vrabecz K, Q Attila Vrabecz and the k group of programming languages.
9 Sep 4 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault APL, J Tacit Programming
10 Sep 18 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Eric Iverson APL, J Eric Iverson
11 Oct 2 Park, Taylor, Therriault APL, J Why Tacit?
12 Oct 16 Park, Taylor, Therriault Gitte Christensen APL Gitte Christensen of Dyalog Ltd.
13 Oct 30 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Morten Kromberg APL, J Roger Hui (1953-2021)
14 Nov 13 Girão Serrão, Brudzewsky, Park, Therriault APL Dyalog ‘21 Live
15 Nov 27 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN Tacit #3 (and other topics)
16 Dec 10 Park, Taylor, Therriault Brooke Allen APL Brooke Allen - a life of adventure
17 Dec 25 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN Tacit #4 - the dyadic hook


Ep Date Panel Featured Guest Featured Languages Title
18 Jan 8 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Henry Rich J Henry Rich presents J903
19 Jan 22 Park, Taylor, Therriault Aaron Hsu APL Aaron Hsu
20 Feb 5 Park, Therriault Rodrigo Girão Serrão APL Rodrigo Girão Serrão
21 Feb 19 Park, Taylor, Therriault Morten Kromberg APL Morten Kromberg, CTO of Dyalog Ltd.
22 Mar 3 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Josh David APL APL in industry
23 Mar 18 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Andrew Sengul APL, April Andrew Sengul - The April APL Compiler
24 Apr 1 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Aaron Hsu, Andrew Sengul, Gitte Christensen,
Rodrigo Girão Serrão, Rich Park, and Stefan Kruger
APL, April APL Seeds 2022
25 Apr 15 Brudzewsky, Therriault Vanessa McHale Futhark, J, Haskell Vanessa McHale
26 Apr 29 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Stevan Apter APL, K, Q Stevan Apter
27 May 13 Taylor, Therriault Joel Kaplan APL, K, A Joel Kaplan
28 May 27 Brudzewsky, Therriault guest panellist: Marshall Lochbaum APL, J, BQN Rank and Leading Axis Theory
29 Jun 10 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault guest panellist: Marshall Lochbaum APL, J, K, BQN Transpose
30 Jun 24 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault Looking Back at Our First Year
31 Jul 8 Brudzewsky, Therriault Jeremy Howard APL, J Jeremy Howard - Data Scientist
32 Jul 22 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Therriault APL, J, K, Q, BQN Control Structures in the Array Languages
33 Aug 5 Park, Lochbaum, Therriault João Araújo APL João Araújo and Tools of Thought
34 Aug 19 Park, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Romily Cocking APL, Smalltalk The Many Languages of Romilly Cocking
35 Sep 2 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Therriault Lib Gibson APL Lib Gibson - IP Sharp’s ‘Zookeeper’
36 Sep 16 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, K, Q, BQN, Futhark, Nial What Makes a Language an Array Programming Language?
37 Sep 30 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor, Therriault Troels Henriksen Futhark, SaC Troels Henriksen and Futhark
38 Oct 14 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, K, Q, BQN Promoting the Array Languages
39 Oct 28 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, K, Q, BQN Iversonian language or Array language?
40 Nov 11 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Michal Wallace J Michal Wallace, k programmer and J video producer
41 Nov 25 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault John Earnest K John Earnest and Versions of k
42 Dec 9 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Nick Psaris Q Nick Psaris and the q language
43 Dec 23 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault John Earnest K, Lil John Earnest and Multimedia


Ep Date Panel Featured Guest Featured Languages Title
44 Jan 6 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN, Q Choosing an Array Language / The Games We Play
45 Jan 20 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Ashok Reddy K, Q Ashok Reddy, CEO of KX
46 Feb 3 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor, Therriault Michael Higginson APL, Q Michael Higginson, 2022 Dyalog Contest Winner
47 Feb 17 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Leslie Goldsmith APL, Q Leslie Goldsmith, from I.P. Sharp to KX
48 Mar 3 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Therriault Henry Rich J Henry Rich Reveals J with Threads J9.4
49 Mar 17 Lochbaum, Park, Therriault J, BQN, APL What Affects Array Language Performance?
50 Mar 31 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Henry Rich APL, J, BQN Fold and Other Functional Conjunctions
51 Apr 14 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN Naming is Hard
52 Apr 28 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN, K, Q Fold and Scan
53 May 12 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor, Therriault guest panellist: John Earnest APL, J, BQN, K, Q What is the problem?
54 May 26 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Psaris, Taylor, Therriault K, Q Review of KXcon’23
55 Jun 9 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Therriault Bob Bernecky APL, SaC Robert Bernecky
56 Jun 23 Brudzewsky, Taylor, Therriault APL, J, BQN, Q Why We Like Array Programming (Again)
57 Jul 7 Lochbaum, Park, Taylor host: Therriault APL, J, BQN, K, Q Learning and Teaching Array Programming
58 Jul 21 Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault PyTorch, Dex, Futhark, Python PyTorch and Dex with Adam Paszke
59 Aug 4 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Raul Miller APL, BQN Raul Miller - Precision
60 Aug 18 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Rob Pike APL, BQN, Go, Ivy Rob Pike - Array Languages are Important
61 Sep 1 Brudzewsky, Lochbaum, Taylor, Therriault Lynn Sutherland APL, J, BQN, Nial Lynn Sutherland and the Story of Nial

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