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The APL Farm (invite links: Discord, Matrix) is a group of Discord and Matrix channels dedicated to the discussion of array programming. As of January 2023, the Discord chatroom has reached 791 members.

The APL Farm is intended as a welcoming space for APL and non-APL users alike. The main channels that are bridged together across Matrix and Discord are:

In addition to these, the discord server has rooms for self-promotion, code challenges and music discussion.

Many new users have joined The APL Farm as beginners, often from sources like YouTube videos and the Array Cast. Some array language veterans and implementors like dzaima, Marshall Lochbaum, Adám Brudzewsky, ngn, John Earnest, Michal J Wallace and John Gibbons frequent the server.



The main moderators of the APL Farm are dzaima and Nathan D. Rogers.


It is best to consult the Discord and Matrix documentation sites for guides on formatting your messages properly on your platform of choice.

Executing Code

The APL Farm has many bots for a variety of array languages:

  • BQNBot executes codeblocks starting with bqn) in CBQN.
  • Adeline executes codeblocks starting with dyalog), sandboxed with Dyalog Safe Exec.
  • APLFarmBot executes codeblocks in multiple array languages. The command names for each language can be previewed with the h) command.
  • ngnkcart allows additions and queries to ngnkcart, a collection similar to APLcart.
  • ke allows execution of ngn/k, k4 and q.


No events have been organized within the APL farm yet. However, a few outside events have been notable in the history of the chat room:

  • In December 2021, Advent of Code was a popular topic, with many regular users posting solutions for the same.
  • A frequent visitor to the chatroom, Mi Lia, has organized APL ∊ BCN, a Barcelona-based meetup.
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