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A is an APL implementation created in 1985 by Arthur Whitney at Morgan Stanley. It has been replaced by its successor, A+, which featured language enhancements and a graphical user interface and was released in 1988.

A was the first APL to be based on leading axis theory, and included many other new features such as a redesigned defined function syntax with lexical scope and the ability to call functions with function arguments.

APL dialects [edit]
Maintained APL+Win (APL*PLUS) ∙ APL2APL64APL\ivApletteAprilCo-dfnsDyalog APLdzaima/APLExtended Dyalog APLGNU APLKAPNARS2000Pometo
Historical Iverson notationA Programming LanguageA+ (A) ∙ APL#APL.68000APL.SVAPLXAPL\1130APL\3000APL\360APL/700NARSngn/aplopenAPLRowanSAXSHARP APLVisualAPL (APLNext) ∙ VS APLYork APL
Derivatives AHPLBQNELIIIvyJJellyJellyfishK (Q, KDB+) ∙ NialRAD