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Ranganathan at an APL meetup in Taiwan, 27 May, 2024.

Raghu Ranganathan, known by the username Razetime, was a programmer involved in numerous array languages, and the code golf and esolang community. Ranganathan created resources to help users of APL, J, BQN, and ngn/k, and evaluated many other languages including Lil and Nial. He also worked with the golfing languages Jelly and Vyxal, among many other golfing and esoteric languages. In June 2024, Ranganathan's father contacted the J community with the news that he had died by drowning, at the age of 22.[1]

Ranganathan's contributions include programming language documentation, and tooling such as text editor support. Having been introduced to APL by Adám Brudzewsky on the APL Orchard, he wrote TryAPL#Chat box exec which adds the ability to execute APL inside the message input area in Stack Exchange's chat rooms, created the APLgolf[2] interface to allow APL programmers to solve a code golf problem and then quickly generate a post showing the solution, and briefly worked with Dyalog Ltd. on a project concerning image metadata. An early adopter of BQN, Ranganathan implemented VS Code support and a Javascript highlighter for the language, and contributed the short help pages[3] featured on the language's website. Later he began working with K, creating an extensive tutorial[4] on ngn/k, and the K Wiki following the design of the APL Wiki. He also made contributions to many languages and their tools, including Futhark, K.jl, the J Playground during its development, and created REPLs for BQN and April.

Ranganathan participated in the APL Problem Solving Competition and was one of the phase I winners in 2021 and 2022. He solved Advent of Code problems in 2020 in APL, 2021 in BQN,[5] and 2022 in Lil.[6]


The following posts on Razetime's blog relate to array programming:


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