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This article is about Stanford University's relationship with APL. For more complete information about Stanford University, see Wikipedia.

Several students of Stanford University in California participated in IBM's initial APL implementation: Larry Breed (B.S. 1961, M.S. 1965), Phil Abrams (M.S. 1966, Ph.D. 1970), Roger Moore (B.S. 1963), and Charles Brenner (B.S. 1967) worked in various combinations on IVSYS/7090, APL\1130, and APL\360. Breed and Brenner did their implementation work at IBM's Watson Research Center, and Moore at I.P. Sharp Associates, while Abrams' implementation was carried out as a Stanford student; Abrams was never hired by IBM but later co-founded STSC.

Both Breed and Abrams studied with Niklaus Wirth, who is thanked in Abrams' paper on IVSYS/7090 "for his many helpful criticisms and suggestions".[1]

Douglas Hofstadter (B.S. 1965) recalls a "delightful, nerdy band" including himself, Breed, Larry Tesler, Brenner, Moore, and Bill Strachan, "who hung around all day and all night in the basement of Encina Hall, where the legendary Burroughs 220 was located, and who talked endlessly about the subtleties and beauties of ALGOL".[2]


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