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Dzaima is the user name of a software developer from Latvia who achieved 2nd place in the 2020 APL Problem Solving Competition. He is the author of dzaima/APL, dzaima/BQN and the BQN386 font, and frequents the APL Orchard.

Notable Software Projects

  • dzaima/APL: An APL implementation written in Java. It has an Android version, and has a Processing integration for graphical output.
  • dzaima/BQN: A BQN implementation made in a similar manner to dzaima/APL. It has an Android version, which is a work-in-progress.
  • dzaima/BQN386: An extension of the APL386 Unicode font designed to add support for BQN glyphs, and other character sets.
  • paste: A website suited for sharing and displaying APL and BQN code.
  • APL Hacker's Keyboard: A fork of the Hacker's Keyboard app that adds an input method for typing APL glyphs.
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