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Pair () or Juxtapose is a primitive function equivalent to the dfn <source lang=apl inline>{⍺←,⊂ ⋄ ⍺ ⍵}</syntaxhighlight> which aids in constructing nested arrays during tacit programming where stranding by juxtaposition is not available. It is also equivalent to the catenation of the enclosed arguments; <source lang=apl inline>,⍥⊂</syntaxhighlight> using the Over operator[1] or <source lang=apl inline>,⍨∘⊂⍨∘⊂</syntaxhighlight> using only the traditional operators Commute and Compose. It was introduced in Extended Dyalog APL, and then adopted into dzaima/APL.

Common usage

Its plain usage is in pairing up two parallel values:

Try it online! <source lang=apl>

     6 7 8(+⍮-)3

┌───────┬─────┐ │9 10 11│3 4 5│ └───────┴─────┘ </syntaxhighlight>

It can also be combined with Mix to increase rank rather than depth:

Try it online! <source lang=apl>

     6 7 8(+↑⍤⍮-)3

9 10 11 3 4 5 </syntaxhighlight>

See also


  1. "Composition and Enclosure" § Composition Operators. SATN-41, 1981-06-20.
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