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The APL community and various user groups offer plenty of scheduled events and activities for both hobbyists and professionals, besides for continuously active chat rooms and forums.

Historical conferences and events

Name Description
APL conference Held in various international locations, once per year, with some lapses, 1969–2010
Colloque APL Held in Paris on September 9th and 10th, 1971
APL Congress 73 Special event held in Copenhagen on August 22–24, 1973
IPSA conferences Held in Toronto by I.P. Sharp Associates, every other year, 1978–1984
STSC conferences
Jsoftware conferences Held, mostly in Toronto, by Jsoftware for the J community as well as APL and K programmers
APL2000 user conferences Held, mostly in Florida, by APL2000 for users of their APL+Win and others interested in APL
Rencontres Dyalog APL Held by Dyalog Ltd and Quantys, with content in French and English, in 2002, 2006, and 2016
APL Cultivation Series of 90-minute live chat lessons, every or every two-three weeks, 18 October 2017–16 May 2018, covering most aspects of basic APL programming
APL Meetup 10 informal weekly meetups led Rodrigo Girão Serrão, focusing on applying APL to solve practical problems
Iverson Award SIGAPL's prize for significant contributions to the APL programming language or to the APL community

Regular conferences and events

Name Description
Dyalog user meeting Week-long annual conference by Dyalog Ltd for users of Dyalog APL and other array programmers
GSE/APL-Germany conference Semi-annual general meetings
APL Implementer's Workshop By-invitation-only event for APL implementers to share information and discuss language design, usually at Syracuse University in Minnowbrook on odd-numbered years
FinnAPL Forest Seminar Mini-conference arranged twice a year by FinnAPL
SwedAPL Meeting Mini-conference arranged irregularly by SwedAPL
APL Seeds Online annual one-day conference held by Dyalog Ltd, aimed at new and prospective users of APL
APL Campfire Recurring meeting hosted by Adám Brudzewsky every fourth Sunday, focusing on the history of APL programming
APL Problem Solving Competition Yearly contest hosted by Dyalog Ltd
APL Quest Series of short live chat sessions held by Adám Brudzewsky, focusing on one problem from Phase 1 of a past APL Problem Solving Competition
Array Cast Podcast about array programming languages
BAA sessions Webcast held by BAA every other week, usually in the form of an open session, but sometimes with a presentation
Dyalog webinars Webcast held by Dyalog Ltd with moderated live chat, focusing on upcoming or new features to tutorials on various technical subjects

Recreational activities

Name Description
Advent of Code Advent calendar of small programming puzzles, popular with APL programmers
Code golf Competition in which participants strive to achieve the shortest possible source code
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