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This page is about the APL vendor. For the 2000 APL conference, see APL00.

APLNow LLC (formerly known as APL2000, which is retained as a service mark for its products) is the vendor of APL+Win. In addition to APL+Win, APLNow developed the discontinued VisualAPL and is now working on APL64, a 64-bit successor to APL+Win. After Financial Reporting Software (soon to be LEX2000, after its main product) bought the rights to APL products including APL*PLUS/WIN from Manugistics (formerly STSC) in 1995,[1] it was formed as a subsidiary to sell these products. LEX2000 was purchased by Cognos in 1999,[2] and in 2005 APL2000's assets were purchased by the employee-owned business APLNow LLC, which adopted the name APL2000.[3]

APL2000, and later APLNow, held the APL2000 user conferences from 1996 to 2014.


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