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Robert Bernecky is an APL designer and implementer notable for significant contributions to SHARP APL and developing an APL compiler, APEX.

Bernecky first began working with APL at I.P. Sharp Associates in 1971. His first APL-related publication, in 1973, described performance improvements to SHARP's Index-Of and Membership implementations. In addition to his implementation work, Bernecky contributed to the design of comparison tolerance, Replicate (extending Compress), and the Rank operator in SHARP APL. He remained at IPSA for three years after it was acquired by Reuters in 1987, leaving in 1990 to found his current company Snake Island Research and work on the APEX APL compiler. While at Snake Island Research he enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Toronto; he obtained a Master of Science degree in 1997 with a thesis titled "APEX: The APL Parallel Executor".



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