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APL ∊ BCN is a user group based in Barcelona started by Michail Liarmakopoulos in late November 2021. Its activities are currently exclusively online due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but plans exist for transitioning to regular physical meetups in Barcelona every second month, with additional online events every one–three months.

It is the first user group based in a country where Spanish is the majority language, but meetings will be held in English to be as accessible as possible.



The group was founded with the goals of:

  • spreading knowledge of APL and the array family of programming languages.
  • spreading knowledge about Ken Iverson and other people involved in the development of APL.
  • sharing knowledge related to the intersection of mathematics and programming.
  • fostering a friendly community of people interested in array programming.


The group organizes three distinct types of meetings: general meetings, a historical APL paper reading group, and a general reading group.

For the Zoom sessions password feel free to reach out to the organizer (contact details can be found in the group's official website).

General meetings

Date Time Title Subject Sign-up Meeting link Video Slides Code
2021-12-18 19:00–20:30 CET APL: A different Programming Language How to keep calm and not be afraid of the glyphs, monadic and dyadic functions, operators, function axis Meetup Zoom: 758 323 8770 01:42:01 PDF N/A
2022-01-29 19:00-20:30 CET J: A modern math-oriented APL An introduction to J for the mathematically curious. Meetup Zoom: 865 2867 0782 01:19:28 PDF Code

Historical APL paper reading group

Date Time Title Subject Sign-up Meeting link Video Slides Code
2022-04-09 19:00-20:30 CEST APL ∊ BCN - meet #3 (historical APL papers) "Is APL epidemic? or a study of its growth through an extended bibliography", J.C. Rault, G. Demars, APL '72 Meetup Zoom: 847 7983 4648 01:00:22 Markdown N/A

General reading group

Date Time Title Subjects Sign-up Meeting link

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