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APLX was a cross-platform dialect of the programming language APL, created by British company MicroAPL Ltd., as a successor to their APL.68000 product.

APLX is intended for uses such as financial planning, market research, statistics, management information, and various kinds of scientific and engineering work. APLX is based on IBM's APL2, but includes several extensions. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Though APLX keeps APL's extended character set, APLX is a bit more verbose, due to the prevalence of system functions with long names, and the use of structured-control keywords. The use of explicit loops is a major deviation from earlier APL versions and derivatives.

Effective July 11, 2016, MicroAPL withdrew APLX from commercial sale. British firm Dyalog Ltd., authors of Dyalog APL, began hosting the APLX Archive website including the download area and documentation.



Glyph Monadic Axis Dyadic Axis
+ Conjugate Add vec
- Negate Subtract vec
× Sign of Multiply vec
÷ Reciprocal Divide vec
Ceiling Greater of vec
Floor Lesser of vec
| Absolute value Residue vec
Index list Index of
? Roll Deal
* Exponential To the power of vec
Natural log Log to the base vec
Pi times Circular and Hyperbolic functions vec
! Factorial Binomial vec
Matrix inverse Matrix divide
< Less than vec
Less than or equal vec
= Equal vec
Greater than or equal vec
> Greater than vec
Not equal vec
Depth Match
Not Match
Enlist Membership
Unique Union
~ Not Without
^ And
Shape of Reshape
, Ravel vec,frac Catenate, Laminate
1st axis catenate
Reverse scal Rotate scal
Reverse First scal 1st axis rotate scal
First Take vec
Drop vec
Enclose vec Partition scal
Disclose vec Pick
Index vec
Grade up
Grade down
Picture format
Format Format by specification or by example
File read scal File read or rename scal
File write scal
File hold scal File hold scal
File drop scal File drop scal
Stop Left
Pass Right
/ Compress, Replicate scal
1st axis compress/replicate scal
\ Expand scal
1st axis expand scal

The component file operations ⍇⍈⍐⍗ were taken from or inspired by APL/700.


Glyph Valence Monadic call Dyadic call
/ Monadic Reduce N-wise Reduce
Monadic 1st axis reduce N-wise Reduce first
\ Monadic Scan
Monadic 1st axis scan
. Dyadic Inner product
∘. Monadic Outer product
¨ Monadic Each

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