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John Joseph Daintree (often JD, to distinguish from the late John Scholes) is chief architect at Dyalog Ltd. and the author of Dyalog APL's ⎕WC graphics system function, its .NET interface, and its .NET-based object model. Daintree was awarded the British APL Association's Outstanding Achievement Award in 2001 for his work on .NET in Dyalog,[1] and has also been noted for his impressive demo presentations of new Dyalog technology.[2]

Daintree was hired by Dyadic Systems (now Dyalog) in 1991. A graduate from the University of Surrey, with a degree in Computer aided Chemistry,[3] Dyadic sought to release a version of Dyalog APL for Windows with a graphical interface, and hired Daintree on the basis of his experience with Windows graphics—shown by impressive demos of his programs. Daintree's work was first available in Dyalog 6.2.1, presented at APL92, which was immediately successful and provided a major competitive advantage over APL*PLUS.[4] He would use his experience with GUI objects to inform the design of Dyalog's namespaces, which were initially primarily used for interacting with GUI controls and later became a more general encapsulation mechanism.

Daintree continued to work with Microsoft integration, including OLE automation. In 2000 Dyadic was contacted by Microsoft to work on the project soon to be called .NET; Daintree worked with Microsoft as well as other language vendors on the design of .NET, and built a supporting bridge for it into the language.[5] Dyalog APL 11.0, released in 2006, featured another major advance in APL design created by Daintree: an object-oriented programming model designed to be compatible with that of .NET.


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