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APL Wiki was launched at the end of 2006 as a MoinMoin wiki. It was created and maintained by Kai Jäger of APL Team Ltd, and its logo derives from that of APL Team. In 2019, APL Wiki was reborn as a MediaWiki site, this time with content more in the style of Wikipedia. It is now maintained by Richard Park, but is not directly affiliated with any particular individuals, companies, or organisations. Migration of content from the old APL Wiki is ongoing.


We welcome any and all contributions to APL Wiki, as long as they adhere to the general content standard as observed in existing pages and described in the content guidelines. Currently, many links lead to pages that as of yet do not exist. Creating and populating these missing pages is especially appreciated.

MediaWiki documentation applies. Especially useful for you as a (new) contributor are:

Some advice to keep in mind:

  • This wiki is for general information about the APL programming language. Pages about other programming languages should be from the perspective of APL, even if they are array-oriented, as they merit their own wikis, which e.g. J and K have.
  • Remember that APL has many dialects, even if you use one. It's fine to write an essay about how to do something in a particular dialect, but encyclopedic articles should strive to be dialect neutral. Apply the principle of due weight when deciding whether to mention a particular dialect, and tag code examples that don't work in all dialects.
  • If you don't know how to write something or think information on a page could be wrong or misleading, mention it on the page's Discussion tab.
  • Avoid "thread mode", where you simply add your thoughts to a page without taking the trouble to make the page a unified whole. Of course, this doesn't apply to Discussion and user pages.

In the discussion tab, your voice is just one of many and you are free to express yourself as you wish, but please be nice.

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