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The APL Campfire is a recurring Zoom meeting hosted by Adám Brudzewsky every fourth Sunday at 18:00 UTC, since 9 May, 2021, with each session lasting about an hour. The event focuses on the history of APL programming, inviting participants to tell stories of their experiences, and is recorded for future reference.


The series started after Joel Wittenberg contacted Dyalog Ltd., wanting to reconnect with the APL community. He started the APL Dinosaurs Facebook group, and suggested a live meeting. Via Zoom, he met with his friend Harry Saal and Dyalog employee Adám Brudzewsky for an hour on May 9, 2021. The meeting was deemed so enjoyable, that the group decided to make it a scheduled recurring event.


Date Speakers Subjects discussed
May 9, 2021 Harry Saal, Joel Wittenberg, Adám Brudzewsky APL on mainframes, ⎕FMT's G,[1] and more (was not recorded)
Jun 6, 2021 Ron Murray TBD (will be recorded)
Jul 4, 2021 Len Shustek TBD (will be recorded)


  1. "Joel Wittenberg made critical assessments of that design and suggested important elaborations which were incorporated in later designs." Adin Falkoff: A pictorial format function for patterning decorated numeric displays. APL81.

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