Timeline of influential array languages

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The following array family programming languages, and papers describing languages, have had a major influence on commonly-used APLs.

Year Event
1962 A Programming Language describes Ken Iverson's notation
1966 APL\360 completed and used within IBM
1968 APL\1130 released as an IBM Type-III Library
1970 APL*PLUS is offered by IPSA and STSC as part of a time-sharing service
1971 "A Generalization of APL", Jim Brown's Ph.D. thesis, describes a nested APL which later becomes the basis of APL2
1973 APL.SV introduces shared variables
1976 (approximate) SHARP APL splits from APL*PLUS
1981 NARS is the first nested APL, and implements ideas from Operators and Functions
1981 SHARP APL adds boxes to the flat array model
1983 Rationalized APL, a paper on Iverson's latest thinking on APL, includes the Rank operator added to SHARP APL later that year
1983 Dyalog APL, based on NARS and the to-be-released APL2, is released
1984 APL2 is IBM's take on nested array programming
1985 A is Arthur Whitney's APL, the first to be based on leading axis theory
1987 A Dictionary of APL describes a precursor to J
1988 A+ adds a GUI to A and replaces it
1990 J is Ken Iverson's new array language, with ASCII characters and based on leading axis theory
1992 K ("K0"), Arthur Whitney's list-based language, first becomes available
1997 Dyalog APL adds dfns
2006 NARS2000, a successor to NARS, is released
2009 VisualAPL is the first .NET-based APL, but soon stops development
2010 APL#, a .NET-based language, is released by Dyalog Ltd., to be abandoned in 2012
2013 GNU APL is the first fully scriptable APL

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