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Questionable importance; misleading as Dyalog wasn't the first language or APL to implement trains
Which APL implemented trains before Dyalog? And was it atop/fork or hook/fork? Wasn't Dyalog's influence here substantial, in that others followed the design, including e.g. BQN? Arguably, this was more influential than the introduction of dfns. Adám Brudzewsky 07:52, 8 January 2024 (UTC)
From Train#History which was linked in the message: NARS2000 in 2009, and ngn/apl just before Dyalog. The table is really supposed to list entire languages, not features. I bent the rules a little for dfns because in addition to being hugely influential, they're practically a new sub-language within Dyalog, and were presented as a new way of programming by John. I'm unsure about that decision, and feel free to delete that line too if you think it's confusing. But it's certainly a much bigger deal than changing the definition of a 2-train (and note that I was effectively using this sort of 2-train before Dyalog, so BQN likely would have made this change anyway). I think trains are already covered by J; if I were to make a change it would be to link it or maybe mention "Phrasal Forms" in that row, like with Operators and Functions and NARS. --Marshall (talk) 20:56, 8 January 2024 (UTC)