Timeline of influential array languages

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The following array family programming languages, and papers describing languages, have had a major influence on commonly-used APLs.

Year Event
1962 A Programming Language describes Ken Iverson's notation
1966 APL\360 completed and used within IBM
1968 APL\1130 released as an IBM Type-III Library
1970 APL*PLUS is offered by IPSA and STSC as part of a time-sharing service
1971 "A Generalization of APL", Jim Brown's Ph.D. thesis, describes a nested APL which later becomes the basis of APL2
1973 APL.SV introduces shared variables
1976 VS APL is IBM's first APL to interact with the host system
1976 (approximate) SHARP APL splits from APL*PLUS
1981 NARS is the first nested APL
1981 SHARP APL adds boxes to the flat array model
1983 Rationalized APL, a paper on Iverson's latest thinking on APL, includes the Rank operator added to SHARP APL later that year
1983 Dyalog APL, based on NARS and the to-be-released APL2, is released
1984 APL2 is IBM's take on nested array programming
1985 A is Arthur Whitney's APL, the first to be based on leading axis theory
1987 A Dictionary of APL describes a precursor to J
1988 A+ adds a GUI to A and replaces it
1990 J is Ken Iverson's new array language, with ASCII characters and based on leading axis theory
1992 K ("K0"), Arthur Whitney's list-based language, first becomes available
1997 Dyalog APL adds dfns
2006 NARS2000, a successor to NARS, is released
2009 VisualAPL is the first .NET-based APL, but soon stops development
2010 APL#, a .NET-based language, is released by Dyalog Ltd., to be abandoned in 2012
2013 GNU APL is the first fully scriptable APL
2014 Dyalog APL adds trains

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