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Operators and Functions is a research report published by Ken Iverson in 1978, collecting a set of operators and functions he had developed over the preceding years. Released two years before Iverson left IBM for I.P. Sharp over differences regarding the direction of APL, it offers precursors for many of the ideas later developed in SHARP APL. Its primitives were used more directly in NARS, which influenced Dyalog APL and in this way shaped much of present-day APL development.


Glyph Monadic Dyadic
< Enclose
> Disclose
Nub Union
Ordered Nub Intersection
Ordered Distribution
~ Set Difference
Strict inclusion
Strict inclusion


Syntax Monadic call Dyadic call
fB Power
f⍣∘ Identity function (e.g. + to ×)
f Commute
̈ Domain
fa Nuax
fa Coax
fg Dual
f¨g Composition
f/ (Windowed) Reduction
f\ (Windowed) Scan
f (Windowed) Reduction
f (Windowed) Scan
f∆ Derivative Difference
̄: Variant

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