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This page lists array language implementations whose source is available under an open source (including copyleft) license. See also the list of implementation resources.

APL dialects

Language License Implementation Source
A+ GNU GPLv2 C++ GitHub (mirror)
April Apache 2.0 Common Lisp GitHub
Co-dfns AGPLv3 Dyalog APL Github
dzaima/APL MIT Java GitHub
KAP MIT Kotlin GitHub
NARS2000 GNU GPL C, APL SourceForge
ngn/apl MIT Javascript GitHub (mirror)
openAPL GNU GPLv2 C GitHub (mirror)

K dialects

Although all versions of K itself are proprietary, there are several open source implementations of K or related languages.

Language License Implementation Source
Klong Public domain / CC0 C Download zip file
Kona ISC C GitHub
kuc GNU GPLv3 C GitHub
ngn/k GNU AGPLv3 C Codeberg
oK MIT Javascript GitHub
xs Public domain OCaml GitHub

Other array languages

Language License Implementation Source
Aplette GNU GPLv2 C GitHub
BQN ISC BQN, JavaScript GitHub
dzaima/BQN MIT Java GitHub
I ISC C GitHub
Ivy 3-clause BSD Go GitHub
J GNU GPLv3 C GitHub (mirror)
Jelly MIT Python GitHub
RAD MIT D BitBucket

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