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ngn/apl is an APL bytecode compiler and interpreter by Nick Nickolov. Because it is implemented in Javascript, it can be run in Node.js or any modern browser.

On December 27, 2020, Nickolov announced that he would discard his implementation.[1] Soon after, Adám Brudzewsky took up the mantle of hosting the source and online demo.[2]


ngn/apl partially supports some of the core language of Dyalog APL 14.0:

The following features of Dyalog APL are not supported:

It extends Dyalog APL with:

  • infinities (¯ or )
  • the identity element operator ()
  • exceptions ()

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  2. Brudzewsky, A. "Adám". Announcement. APL Orchard. Stack Exchange chat.
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