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ngn/apl is an APL bytecode compiler and interpreter by Nick Nickolov. Because it is implemented in Javascript, it can be run in Node.js or any modern browser.

ngn/apl supports most of the core language of Dyalog APL 14.0,: dfns ({ }), nested arrays, complex numbers (1j2), forks and atops, strand assignment ((a b)c), indexed assignment (a[b]c), and user-defined operators ({⍺⍺ ⍵⍵}), but does not support Key (), Rank (operator () tradfns (RX f Y), non-zero index origin (⎕IO1), comparison tolerance (⎕CT), prototypes (it always uses zero as fill), modified assignment (x+1), keywords (:If), object-oriented programming, or namespaces. It extends Dyalog APL with infinities (¯ or ) and a few additional primitives.

On December 27, 2020, Nickolov announced that he would discard his implementation.[1] Soon after, Adám Brudzewsky took up the mantle of hosting the source and online demo.[2]

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