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BQN is an APL-family language designed primarily by Marshall Lochbaum. Although it maintains the concept of array-driven computing and much of APL's array functionality, BQN discards all compatibility with other array languages and changes many fundamental concepts. It uses the based array model with dedicated array notation, distinguishes between data types and expression roles to give the language a context-free grammar with first-class functions, and uses a new set of glyphs with different primitive pairings. The language uses the leading axis model and tacit programming as core paradigms. Its implementation is largely self-hosted, with an array-based compiler like Co-dfns.

APL dialects [edit]
Maintained APL+Win (APL*PLUS) ∙ APL2APL64APL\ivAprilCo-dfnsDyalog APLdzaima/APLExtended Dyalog APLGNU APLKAPNARS2000
Historical Iverson notationA Programming LanguageA+ (A) ∙ APL#APL.68000APL.SVAPLXAPL\1130APL\3000APL\360APL/700NARSngn/aplopenAPLRowanSAXSHARP APLVisualAPL (APLNext) ∙ VS APLYork APL
Derivatives AHPLBQNELIIIvyJJellyK (Q, KDB+) ∙ NialRAD