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APL*PLUS (stylised as APL⋆PLUS) was originally the APL\360 derivative jointly marketed by STSC and IPSA. Eventually the companies parted ways, and IPSA re-branded their product as SHARP APL.

APL*PLUS was an extension of APL\360, and as such was written in IBM\360 assembler. STSC reimplemented the language in C for the IBM PC, and released it as APL*PLUS/PC in 1982. A derivative "2nd generation APL", adopting extensions from NARS and later APL2 was released in 1989 as APL*PLUS/II.[1] A further version was called APL*PLUS/III.

In 1992, STSC changed name to Manugistics, and in 1995, APL*PLUS was sold off to LEX2000 Financial Reporting Software, which then created a subsidiary named APL2000. The product was re-launched as APL+, with specific names APL+Win and APL+Unx for Microsoft Windows and UNIX, respectively. When UNIX support was abandoned, APL+Win became the sole product.


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