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| 2020-10-21 || Passes 2500 entries
| 2020-10-21 || Passes 2500 entries
| 2021-01-24 || Added regex search using <syntaxhighlight lang=javascript inline>/slash/</source> syntax
| 2021-01-24 || Added regex search using <syntaxhighlight lang=javascript inline>/slash/</syntaxhighlight> syntax
| 2021-02-16 || Installable <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>]APLcart</source> [[user command]]
| 2021-02-16 || Installable <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>]APLcart</syntaxhighlight> [[user command]]
| 2021-12-19 || Adapts to user's preferred theme
| 2021-12-19 || Adapts to user's preferred theme

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APLcart displaying its white theme

APLcart is the largest-ever collection of short APL phrases, comprising over three thousand idiomatic expressions from Dyalog APL, FinnAPL, and APL2, and lots of other sources, including the community at large. It was created by Adám Brudzewsky who also maintains the site, but incorporates content and suggestions from the community through GitHub pull requests and templated issues.

The service was created in reaction to the lack of resources to answer "how-to" questions from both beginners and professionals. This is in contrast to several ways to access the available documentation suites and ways to access them. For example, in many IDEs, one can press the F1 key while the caret is pointing at a primitive function or Quad name to open the appropriate documentation.[1]

In addition to functioning as a look-up service, APLcart also provides training through its quiz page, including:

  • Writing a function for a given task
  • Explaining the purpose of a given function
  • Filling in an obscured symbol


Date Milestone
2019-04-30 Initial launch with 100 entries
2019-06-17 Passes 1000 entries
2019-07-07 Launch of aplcart.info domain
2019-07-10 FinnAPL idiom library included
2019-07-26 Passes 2000 entries
2019-09-12 Presented at Dyalog '19
2019-12-02 DuckDuckGo search engine adds !aplcart "bang"
2020-04-13 First links to run examples using Try It Online
2020-05-05 First links to documentation
2020-05-13 Passes 1000 documentation links
2020-05-17 Feature for challenging the user to write code
2020-06-21 Feature for challenging the user to interpret code
2020-06-29 Passes 500 example run links
2020-07-02 BAA webinar: aplcart.info turns 1
2020-09-13 Feature for challenging the user to fill in an obscured symbol
2020-10-21 Passes 2500 entries
2021-01-24 Added regex search using /slash/ syntax
2021-02-16 Installable ]APLcart user command
2021-12-19 Adapts to user's preferred theme
2022-01-20 OpenSearch support
2022-01-24 Passes 3000 entries
2022-05-25 Passes 3500 entries

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