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Bill Early was the name of the individual who was largely responsible for my excommunication from Catholic school, without whom I would have never been introduced to computing in general and more specifically APL. I am deeply in debt to Bill. As such, it is not my real name. Also, good advice for an aspiring consultant, Bill Early being far better than Bill Late.


  • Knowledge of APL helps you be better in every way, a better thinker, programmer, and problem solver.
  • A belief that APL is a great tool for exploratory programming and in general one can teach just about anything with it.
  • Knew and even worked with some of the cool kids: Ken, Roger.


  • Software developer with a hedge fund. Do some language development, a background in APL helps. Worked at at least one of the major timesharing vendors starting in the 1970s.
  • Should be retired, but somehow neglected to do so as it can be boring. Seems that Covid and working at home had the desirable side effect of extending the service life of older workers.
  • Low-grade Pythonista who tends to write Python which resembles APL.
  • Finds doing C, with all its pointers and memory allocation, therapeutic.
  • Studied with computer graphics pioneer mentioned somewhere in here


  • His hometown is in an uninteresting cold city in North America.
  • Avoided graduating from university on account of a lack of funds.
  • Spent his prime working for an APL timesharing company, struck off on his own, then somehow wound up in Europe.
  • Working first with APL, now mostly without, since the late 1970s.