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== Examples ==
=== Gilman & Rose ===
In [[Books#APL_.E2.80.95_An_Interactive_Approach|APL ― an An Interactive Approach]], the authors the authors describe the following code, which computes the correlation coefficient, as “almost pornographic”:<!--- Intentionally For the effect, this is intentionally not syntax coloured --->
By splitting the expression intro even a moderate number of pieces, a symmetry is revealed:
A new [[namespace]], with the original value of <source lang=apl inline>ns</source> as name, is created inside <source lang=apl inline>container</source> and the character representation <source lang=apl inline>'#.container.ns'</source> is returned from <source lang=apl inline>⎕NS</source> to <source lang=apl inline>⍎</source> which evaluates the name to a reference, that in turn replaces the previous value of <source lang=apl inline>ns</source>.
== See also ==
* [[Semantic density]]
* [[Function-operator overloading]]
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