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Function axis

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=== Dyadic functions ===
The following [[Dyadic function|dyads]] may allow one:
* [[Scalar dyadicsfunction|Scalar]] [[dyadic]]s accept a list of axes to override [[conformability]] rules: it specifies , for each axis in the lower-rank (or left, in case of a tie) argument, which axis in the other argument it is paired with.
* [[Catenate]] combines along the selected axis, adding a new axis if a non-integer axis is given.
* [[Rotate]] rotates the right argument along the selected axis.
* [[Replicate]] and [[Expand]] work on the specified right argument axis.
* [[Take]] and [[Drop]] modify the selected right argument axes.
* [[SquishSquad indexing]] takes axes to specify which axis of the right argument corresponds to each left argument element.
* [[Partition]] and [[Partitioned Enclose]] have complicated and different behavior.
* [ APL Cultivation]
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