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Learning resources

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== For non-programmers ==
[[I am Some of the best resources for somebody new to APL and programmingin general are:* The [ Learn tab on TryAPL]* The book [ Mastering Dyalog APL] by Bernard Legrand* The APL Cultivation [ Stack Exchange Lessons] * The [ Zark APL TutorFollow one or a couple of these tutorials through and play around a bit. To learn APL the advice is similar to that for learning other languages: have a goal (something you want to accomplish) and try to do it. Along the way you are sure to come across the pitfalls and gotchas of the language, and with time you may come to understand what APL thinking means. '''If you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask your questions on the [ APL Orchard chat room].'''
== For non-APL programmers ==
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