Note that this page is connected to the article Understanding Font Embedding on Vector, the APL magazine of the British APL association. Everything that is subject to changes is on this page on the APL Wiki, and it 's going to be updated whenever needed.

Update 2014-01-14

Since the article was published on Vector things have improved. Internet Explorer now understands "local". All modern browsers (including IE 9, 10 & 11) on all platforms but Opera Mini at least pretend to support the relatively new WOFF font format - see http://caniuse.com/woff for details. For that very reason the APL Wiki is downloading the WOFF version of the APL385 Unicode font now.

However, I found that Opera on Windows does not make use of the WOFF font. Therefore I've also added the TTF format; that fixed the problem. This is the only reason why the TTF font is still offered for download.

Web server issues

Because IE now supports WOFF we don't need the awkward EOT font anymore. That means we don't need to change anything on the web server side anymore.


All browsers under Linux should support the APL chars now. I've tested Firefox and Chrome with Ubuntu.


Author: KaiJaeger


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