The APLTree project and acre

Consuming (using) any APLTree project

You can download any APLTree project from the dedicated wiki download page:

However, this gives you just the core thing. If you want to integrate the test cases as well, or contribute to the project then you need more.

One way is to download stuff from GitHub (, a way you might prefer if your are already familiar with GitHub; see HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject for details how to do this.

The other option is to use acre, PhilLast's excellent APL code management system. acre is used internally to maintain all APLTree projects.

If you want to go for acre then download it from its own wiki page. Using the user ID "default" and the password "default" you can then download any APLTree project. That gives you the complete development environment.

How to use acre on an APLTree project

Show the details of how to use acre

  1. Create a folder on your machine that will function as your project library. We will assume that the name will be Foo\.
  2. Download the file from

  3. Move the contents of that zip file into Foo\. That will bring acre, Conga, APLTreeUtils and Markdown2Help as sub folders (=projects) into Foo\.

  4. Fire up an instance of Dyalog 15.0.
  5. Load the workspace "Foo/acre/acre.dws".

At this stage you can start using acre. Ask for advice with #.acre.Help''.

You can also download any member of the APLTree project with acre. Try #.acre.GetProject'APLTreeUtils' as an example.

Contributing to an APLTree project

If you want to contribute to an APLTree project just open the project with acre and start making changes. When your are ready and all test cases pass then send the change files (that is the contents of the folder {projectName}.changes) to

The change files live in the {projectName}.changes folder. Therefore, if you have downloaded, say, APLTreeUtils into a folder APLTreeUtils then there will be a folder APLTreeUtils\APLTreeUtils.changes which contains for every changed or added object a component file.


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