User Command TestBasics

When changes are made to the Bootstrap process or one of the fundamental CodeLib members:

then a mistake can bring everything to a halt. It is therefore essential to take extra steps in order to avoid disaster in such a case.

The User Command ]TestBasics is designed to achieve just that. If it is executed on the DVLP server it will ask the user weather it should run on the DVLP or the TEST server. If executed on the TEST server, well, you get it.

It does not do much: it starts an application apps\testbasics\testbasics.dws which in turn executes these steps:

Depending on whether that works well or not the code returned by ⎕OFF is different. That enables the User Command to report success or failure.

It's a very basic test but it does not pretend to do more, hence the name ]TestBascis. It's much better then no test at all.

-- KaiJaeger 2013-10-14 12:50:14

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