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MikiY Content Management System

A custom content management system for the photographer’s site at

The site consists of static HTML pages, most of which are generated by this workspace.

The workspace takes a list of folders, and writes HTML pages in them corresponding to the contents. Folders contain either photos or folders (category folders). Category folders can contain category folders.

Each photo gets an HTML page in which it is displayed. Each folder gets an index.htm page. Photo folder pages show a table of thumbnails, linked to their pages. Category pages show a table of thumbnails selected from their child folders, and linked to them.

A photo folder must also contain a folder named thumbs. This must contain corresponding thumbnail images. The thumbnail images have the same names as their large images, prefixed by a 2-digit number (1-9) that determines (row, column) where the thumbnail appears in the folder’s table. (Positions can be left empty.)

Each page carries a full breadcrumb trail.

Each photo folder also offers its contents as a slideshow.

Requires Dyalog APL 11

Tested on:


  1. Unzip the package in the empty website root.
  2. Test by loading mcms116.dws and letting the application rebuild the website.
  3. Replace /galleries with your own category folder/s.
  4. Edit mcms.ini


  1. Load the workspace
  2. Acknowledge the messages




File releases



DOCTYPE declaration, support for Google Analytics, customisation from INI file

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