Kai J├Ąger

Email: <VERY SPAMFREE kai AT aplteam VERY SPAMFREE  DOT com>

I started to make a living as an APL consultant in 1980, and I am still doing this. I have used VSAPL, APL2, APL68000 and Dyalog APL intensively. I've added Q to this portfolio in 2014.


I am the one who has originally invented this Wiki, therefore I am still keeping an eye on it. So, if there are questions or suggestions associated with administration issues, or changing locked pages or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me.

Born in Germany and based in England since 2005 I hold German and British citizenship.

APL Team Ltd web sites:


http://aplteam.de (German)

My page on LinkedIn

My private homepage: http://www.kai-jaeger.de (German)


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