Rule your Browser - tell'm what to do!


Modern websites use HTML or XHTML to mark up the contents of a page while CSS rules define how to display it.

Some Browsers offer a concept of how to overwrite the rules put in place by the original designer. That means you can specify a particular CSS rule. Done properly that rule will then be performed for

Different Browser

Different Browsers use different ways to put the concept mentioned above into action. Feel free to add your favorite Browser in case you have the knowledge.


Ordinary users

Attached you find a file Firefox_usercontent.css which defines a number of specialeties which you might consider an improvement:

If you are not using personal Firefox profiles (presumably your are not), the file needs to go into:

C:\Documents and Settings\kai\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\$$$$$.default\chrome\usercontent.css

$$$$$ stands for some random character which differ between machines. "default" would be your profile name if you use a particluar profile. If you don't know what a profile is you are presumably not using one.


You might want to switch easily between different fonts on the APL wiki. Now changing the usercontent.css file is not a convinient way to to this: changes are taken into account only after a full restart of the Browser.

The Firefox add-on "Stylish" to the rescue! This little piece of software is really helpful: you switch particular rule sets on and off by ticking a checkbox, and the changes take effect immediately. Very nice!


Code to be inserted as a style could look like this:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {

pre {
 font-family: SimPL !important;
 /* font-size: large !important; */



Flock is not really a Browser in its own rights - under the hood it's a Firefox. So all what was said regarding Firefix holds true for Flock as well.


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