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CompareSimple is part of the CategoryAplTree project.


CompareSimple offers a couple of methods designed to compare functions, operators, scripts and files. It is also able to deal with SALTed files as well as acre component files.


There are just two main functions:


Match takes names of functions or operators or scripts and compares the source code. Note that taking the source code with ⎕CR or ⎕SRC and then them is not always going to work: white spaces as well as formatting problems might result in a 0 when the source code is in fact identicall. Match deals with these problems properly.


These accepts a variety of arguments listed underneath. According to its arguments it tries to figure out what your intention is and carries out the appropriate action.

Note that whenever the word "function" is used here it can also be a defined operator (which is in Dyalog APL a derived function anyway).

Script / script

Compare the two scripts. Note that you can specify name(s) as well as reference(s).

Script / name of a *.dyalog file

Compare the workspace script with the file.


This syntax requires "Script" to be managed either by SALT or by acre.

Note however that for acre this requires the script in question to be a member of an opened acre project at the time the comparison is carried out.

Name of a native file / name of a native file

Compare the two files.

Function name / function name

Compare two functions in the workspace.

Function name / name of a native file

Compare the function in the workspace with the file.

Function name / name of an acre component file

Compare the function in the workspace with the acre component file.

Function name

If it is managed by acre then a dialog pops up with the number of all versions saved by acre.

Note that the function in question must be a member of an opened acre project at the time the comparison is carried out.

Namespace / namespace

Note that this works only with named namespaces, although the argument might be either references or names pointing to the two namespaces.

Project Page

For bug reports, future enhancements and a full version history see CompareSimple/ProjectPage

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