A user account of this name got created on the 2009-10-05.

I never heard that name before and the email address doesn't tell much, so I sent the standard email asking why she is interested in APL to make sure it's not a spam robot. I never got an answer.

While I wrote that email she managed to change a particular page. That change was made in a way that can be done only by a human beeing; On the page GameOfLife she inserted a link:

Here's a [[ |custom essay writing]] about one-line APL function takes a boolean matrix as argument and returns a boolean matrix with the new generation.

The link has nothing to do with APL or with the GameOfLife. It's spam.

After some research I got convinced that this is a bigger problem, so I put the story on

to make it available for search engines and anybody interested.

-- KaiJaeger 2009-10-24 06:46:19


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