Topics Discussed at BAA london Meetings

  • Phrasebook
  • APL#
  • This was an experimental meeting, both varying the day (to Monday, to see if this attracted more attendees) and the venue (as a "dry run" for the forthcoming BAPLA AGM). In the former aim it failed, as it seemed to reduce the numbers. In the latter aim it was generally agreed that the Albion was a suitable venue for the AGM.
  • the topics discussed were limited to the phrasebook, APL 2010 & the suitability of the venue, as far as I can recall.

  • Dyalog, SQLite and ADO.Net.
  • July Away-Day to Hampshire
  • Phrasebook - progress
  • APL2010 Berlin - open forums
  • Vector production
  • Increasing attendance, Phrasebook, Vector production
  • APL 2010, Vector, Phrasebook
  • Wiki, Phrasebook, new versions of Dyalog
  • Topics covered included: APLWIKI; APL phrase book; working practices.

The notes for this meeting are very sparse, pick what you can out of this:

  • Semantic density & DSDM

  • Reliability & Ownership

  • XP says "If you get the data and its name right you do not need comments"
  • Moscow & Timebox

  • Cost, time, quality & requirements

  • Of the likely agenda we talked in passing about upcoming conferences (interesting speakers), APL on Wikipedia (Phil's efforts are now more lasting), APLWiki (going well) and then mostly discussed direct development. My notes below are very rough, just step in and improve them where you think they need it.
  • I don't have a list of topics discussed, other than the Wikipedia entry on APL
  • This page is a place holder for anyone who wants to record what was said at the fifth meeting. See also TenGoodThingsAboutApl.

  • Acre, Marketing APL, using the Wiki
  • Chris "Ziggi" Paul led an open discussion entitled ‘Education in APL’ centred around a PowerPoint presentation (main headings below)

  • We need to reconstruct this from the notes
  • It was combined with the IPSharp Christmas party, it was just one party and no attendance list or notes were kept.
  • The first meeting had no theme and saw small group discussions in corners of the room.


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