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Download link

The link to download Sharp APL isn't to the modern SAX, but rather to an ancient IBM mainframe emulator running an ancient Sharp APL. It needs a 16-bit DOS environment, and thus cannot be run under 64-bit Windows. Works under DOSBox. Adám Brudzewsky (talk) 12:54, 6 November 2019 (UTC)

Date offered as standalone software

The year when in-house (as opposed to time-shared) SHARP APL was first offered seems pretty hard to nail down. Eric Iverson's "The Integration of APL into the Larger World of Data Processing" (IPSA '80) says "Around 1976 it became clear to us at SHARP that although the APL time-sharing service bureau business would continue to prosper, it was in some respects very limited." It has no date when they finished the in-house product, although it says shared variables were added to SHARP in 1978 and that they were considered a requirement, so I think 1978 is a lower bound. It was definitely in use by 1980. It's possible Dick Lathwell's "SHARP APL as a Distributed Program Product" from IPSA '78 will have some answers.