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APL for the [[wikipedia:MCM/70|MCM/70]] was Microcomputer Computer Machines's [[APL\360]] clone, with the exception of a few exceptions,<ref>Micro Computer Machines Inc. [ Differences between MCM/APL and APL/360]. Tape 22.</ref> most significantly [[Scan]] performing [[reduce]]s over suffixes instead of prefixes. This was due to a misunderstanding, but had to be perpetuated due to the user base.<ref>[[Ray Polivka]]. [[APL Campfire]]. 2021-08-29.</ref>
=== Internal types ===
According to page 220 in the user manual<ref>Micro Computer Machines Inc. ['s Guide].</ref>, the data types available are as follows:
* 1-byte characters
* 1-byte integer

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