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[[File:APL-keybd2.svg|thumb]]An '''overstrike''' refers to the practice of [[typing glyphs]] on top of each other to form a more complex [[glyph]]. This was the normal way of typing many APL characters in the early typewriter terminal days of APL. Only a single shift state was available (which would switch from numbers and uppercase letters to APL glyphs), so for example <source lang=apl inline>⍟</source> which is today typed using <kbd>APL</kbd>+<kbd>Shift</kbd>+<kbd>8</kbd> would instead be typed using <kbd>APL</kbd>+<kbd>O</kbd> for <source lang=apl inline></source> followed by <kbd>⟵ Backspace⟵ Backspace</kbd> and then <kbd>APL</kbd>+<kbd>P</kbd> for <source lang=apl inline>*</source>.
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