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| unicode support = full
| released = 2020
| developer = [ [dzaima]]
| latest release version = 2020 (unversioned)
| implementation language = [[wikipedia:Java (programming language)|Java]], [[wikipedia:Processing (programming language)|Processing]]
'''dzaima/BQN''' is an independent implementation of [[BQN]] in Java by Stack Exchange user [ [dzaima]], created by modifying the source of [[dzaima/APL]]. While dzaima/APL adds significant new functionality and is different from any other APL, dzaima/BQN follows the BQN specification closely and extends it with [[system function]]s.
dzaima/BQN has often been the first implementation to support new functionality, particularly syntax such as block headers, and is much faster than the self-hosted BQN implementation. Its [[wikipedia:bytecode|bytecode]] format was adopted by that implementation BQN, and, since it can compile and run BQN sources, it has also been used for development and bootstrapping.
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