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Maintaining readability of APL can take a special effort. It is easy to write very dense code, and the mathematical look of APL can encourage usage of single-letter names. Since [[Phil Abrams]] used the term at the [[APL '73]] conference,<ref>Abrams, Phil. ''Program Writing, Rewriting and Style''. APL Conference 73. Canadian Printco Limited. 1973.</ref> APLers have traditionally used ''pornography'' to describe code that is hard to read, or uses unusual constructs. [[Alan Perlis]] countered that ''But as we all know, being people of the world, pornography thrives!''<ref>Perlis, Alan. [ Almost Perfect Artifacts Improve only in Small Ways: APL is more French than English]. [[APL '78]].</ref>  [[Code golf]] often results in pornographic code, as does the practice of cramming a whole algorithm into a single line, forming a [[one-liner]]. With the advent of [[dfn]]s, it became possible to define a full function or operator on a single line. Since APL [[comment]]s begin at the comment symbol (<source lang=apl inline>⍝</source>) and continue until the end of the line, it is impossible to comment a one-liner dfn except outside the source. This, coupled with the inability of a [[wikipedia:debugger|debugger]] to meaningfully trace through a one-liner (unless it is capable of [[primitive]]-by-primitive tracing)) contributes to hardships for human reader that attempts to read such code.
== Examples ==
=== Gilman & Rose ===

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