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APL conference

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==== 1979 ====
The 1979 APL conference was held in [[wikipedia:Rochester, New York|Rochester, New York]] from May 30 to June 1, and sponsored by [[SIGAPL]] (then STAPL). In part due to the lack of formal 1977 and 1978 conferences, attendance was very high, with over a thousand attendees<ref name="roots"/> and 200 submitted papers. Abstracts could be submitted electronically by the major APL [[time-sharing]] services. Eight invited papers, presented to all participants, were given by notable computer scientists both inside and outside the APL community. In addition to talks, the conference featured a poster display and exhibits of APL implementations, terminals, and books. A banquet talk was given by [[wikipedia:Fred Brooks|Fred Brooks]], with the title <source lang=apl inline>⍉ 1 3 ⍴ 'APL' ⍝ A Sideways View of APL</source>.<ref>ACM. ''APL79 Conference Proceedings'' foreward. [[APL Quote Quad]] Vol. 9 No. 4 part 1. 1979-06.</ref>
* '''Deferred Execution: An “ACE” of an application'''. Donald A. Link and Martin W. Gardner. [].
* '''Multisystem processing with APL'''. J. F. Sencindiver and D. H. Steinbrook. [].

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