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APL conference

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While many [[conferences]] and sequences of conferences have been held by the array language community, the term '''APL conferencesconference''' where refers to a sequence of conferences held regularly once per year, with some lapses, beginning in 1969, and ending in 2010 with no plans for future conferences. Initial conferences were organised by various universities or other institutions, with some connection to [[wikipedia:SHARE (computing)|SHARE]] but no particular central authority. Beginning with the 1974 conference, [[#1974|APL 6]], [[SIGAPL]] (or STAPL at the time) took over organization of the conferences. Conferences in 1977 and 1978 were not held primarily because of logistical failures, an occurrence which may have prompted vendors to begin holding their own [[IPSA conferences|IPSA]] and [[STSC conferences]], but resumed afterwards and continued to be held every year until 2004. When no conference was arranged for 2005, [[Dyalog Ltd.]] began hosting its yearly [[Dyalog user meeting]]s beginning in 2006, with both events happening in 2007. The last joint conference was held in 2010: organized in association with [[APL Germany]] and integrated with Dyalog's user meeting that year, it was seen as part of a sequence with the 2000 conference also in Berlin, but this sequence was not extended to 2020.
== Conference details ==
== Presentations Past conferences ==
The following papers appear in ACM's published conference proceedings.
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